Patient Testimonials


    “Forrester Custom Prosthetics is the most accommodating, personable, attentive and

      helpful prosthetics facility that I have been to. They even come to my home for

      fittings and adjustments. I am grateful and indebted to Scott Forrester for helping

       me achieve more than I ever thought was possible.”

       Peter W, Below-knee amputee




          “Forrester Custom Prosthetics has enabled me to return to my active lifestyle;

           traveling, exploring local events/dining everyday. Being an amputee is no

      longer the major definition of me; it is only a postscript. “

           Jan F, Below-knee amputee






          I became an amputee shortly after my birth in 1966 and, was fitted with my first pair of prosthetic legs             in the following year of 1967. I have worn so many pairs prosthetic legs in my 48 years of life, I should             have had a prosthetic museum. I have seen prosthetics evolve from the bare infancy of the 60’s, to                     today’s science & technology. From the stiff unforgiving SACH feet to Bionic feet. My “so-called                         disability” has never held me back from any physical, or athletic activity. From baseball to cross                           country skiing, I’ve done it. In the fall of 1983 I became the first DBKA (bi-lateral below-knee                              amputee) to ever play high school football in the state of New York. Dreams fulfilled thanks to my                      coach John Shaunessey who witnessed my heart and determination as my P.E. teacher. Since then I                have played flag football & basketball in a few recreational leagues. Due to a broken femur from a car              accident, I hung up my cleats. I coached youth football for the 17 years afterwards. For years as                            prosthetic technology made advances I wore inferior outdated products, until Ossur introduced the                  Flex Foot. In 1992 I began using the Flex Foot but, my sockets remained inferior. My prosthetic                          makers didn’t have my best interest at heart. Finally in 2005 that changed when I was fitted with the                 pin system. In 2008 while reading my monthly Amputee Coalition magazine In-Motion, I read an ad              about a prosthetic company out West in Nevada that, worked with you on an individual basis, &                           manufactured your prosthetics in a week. Scott Forrester & three years later joined by his brother                     Sam, changed my life for the better. They have my best interests at heart and designed &                                         manufactured, the absolute best pair of prosthetic legs, I have ever had in my life. At Forrester                             Prosthetics they listen to my needs and then design a game plan to fulfill them. I am currently wearing           the College Park Soleus Tactical feet & my sockets are very comfortable. My alignment & my range of              motion are now corrected & everything is working smoothly. It’s nice to have a company and, a team                                     of young prosthetic manufacturers in this industry. I recommend Forrester Prosthetics to any                                                   amputee, if they value their quality of life.

                                  Carlton D, Bi-lateral below-knee amputee